Internationally coordinated practice-oriented learning

All international universities that are involved in Global Skills Partnerships share high quality standards and are open to new teaching concepts. Nurses training there regularly do well in national registration examinations.

Sustainable partnerships of equals
Fair, secure and lasting

Renowned universities pull together on Global Skills Partnerships: During the pilot phase, the central partner in Germany is the University Hospital Bonn, which can draw on extensive experience in upgrading foreign nursing staff and providing intercultural preparation.

Universities in the Philippines and Mexico are the first international institutions to get involved in the programme. In both countries, more people qualify as nurses than the local labour market can absorb. The Global Skills Partnerships programme thus offers new opportunities that benefit all sides: the prospect of secure employment for participants in the upgrading programme, and a transfer of expertise that benefits both the countries of origin and the German health system.

Think global, act local

GIZ coordinates the programme. Training content is developed by University Hospital Bonn in consultation with partner universities. Over and above this, University Hospital Bonn trains university teaching staff and organises temporary placements for them in Germany, either at the University Hospital itself or in in-patient long-term nursing and outpatient care. Modern skills labs for practical training are also set up in the home-country universities.

It has been possible to implement the cooperation programme with its transnational training partnerships, thanks to the financial support of the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the German Federal Ministry of Health. On their behalf, GIZ has assumed responsibility for programme management and coordination.


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